[continued from previous definition] 1. to seize, grasp, capture, catch; (1) to get into one's hands by force or artifice; (a) by war, robbery, legal process, etc.; w.a. cognate: (b) to catch fish, an animal, a bird, etc.; (b α) of an animal, to seize prey; (2) to lay hold of with the hand, to seize and hold; (3) sv/i4 of a plant, to take to that on which it grows, take hold, get rooted; (4) with non-material agent; 2. without the idea of force or art.; (1) with a material object; (a) to take into one's hand or hold; (α) with the instrumentality of the hand or hands explicitly or implicitly indicated; nim þá girde on þíne hand take the gird into thy hand; (β) with the instrumentality not expressed or considered; nim þín bedd and gá take thy bed and go; (b) to receive into one's body by one's own act, take food; (c) to bring, receive, or adopt a person into some relation to oneself; (cc) in reference to marriage or cohabitation; gif Iacob nimð wíf if Jacob takes a wife; (d) to transfer by one's own direct act something into one's possession or keeping, to appropriate; (2) with non-material object; (a) to adopt a custom, law, etc.; (b) to assume, charge oneself with a function, responsibility, etc.; (c) to undertake and perform, to take a part; (d) to assume as if one's own, to assume as if granted; (e) in grammar, to have by right or usage, to take a particular case, ending, etc.; 3. with the idea of choice, purpose, use, treatment, or occupation; (1) with the idea of choice, to pick out from a number, at random or with intention; nim sume tigelan take any tile (out of a number); (2) with the idea of purpose, use, employment, to choose or adopt, in order to use; uton niman þá let us adopt them; (3) to adopt and enter upon a way; (4) with the idea of treatment; (5) with the idea of occupation; (5a) intrans and fig; (α) to have a place in; (β) to take place, occur; (6) to occupy, take up the time or attention of, hold in suspense; hú lang nimst þú úsra sáwla how long will you hold our souls in suspense; 4. to obtain from a source, model, etc., derive; (1) to obtain by one's own act from some source, material or nonmaterial; nim þǽr góde éagesealfe get a good eyesalve from the materials used; (2) to infer, deduce; Dryhten nam of þisse wísan a lord deduced from this wise-man; (3) to get information, evidence, etc., by inquiry, questioning, etc.; 5. to take something given or offered; híe sóhton tó nimenne hwilchwegu they sought to take something; (1) to receive something given, bestowed, allotted, etc.; (1a) to receive a person delivered over to one's keeping; (1b) to receive something inflicted, undergo, have done to one; (2) to receive or get in payment, as wages, fine, tribute, etc.; gif man nime æfesne on swínum if one takes special pasturage on swine; (3) to receive, accept, exact a promise, engagement, oath, etc.; hé nam his áð he accepted his oath; (4) to receive something offered, not to refuse, receive willingly, accept; (5) to accept as true or correct; ne ealle nimað þás word not all take this word as true; (6) to accept with the mind or will in some specified way; (7) to include, contain; 6. of intellectual action, (1) to receive and hold with the intellect; (a) to apprehend, understand; (b) to keep in mind; (2) to begin to have or be affected by a feeling or state of mind; (3) to conceive and exercise courage, pity, etc.; 7. with nearly the force of make or do; 8. with the idea of movement or removal, (1) to carry, convey, cause a person to go with one, conduct, lead; (1a) to move to a state or condition, to promote to a rank; (2) to carry a thing with one, bring to a person or place, draw to oneself; (3) to take away, remove; (a) without employing violence; (a α) where the point from which a thing is moved is marked by a preposition; (b) with the idea of violence, deprivation; (b α) with prepositions; (c) of removal by death or decay; (4) to deliver, hand over; (5) to bring to mind; (6) sv/i4 to move oneself, proceed; (6a) to get on, develop, flourish; 9. intransitive use in idiomatic combination with preposition; hé nimð æt mé, man ne nimð geféan fram éow; hé nimð of mínre handa; 10. in combination with adverbs, forming the equivalent of compound verbs;
\niman1 sv/t4 3rd pres nimð past nóm/on, nam/námon ptp genumen 1. to take, receive, get; 2. to take keep, hold; 3. to take, catch; 4. to contain; 4a. to occupy; 5. to take (with one), bear, carry, bring; 6. to take (to one), give; 7. to take forcibly, hold, seize, catch, take away, grasp, pluck up, carry off, take away; 8. to adopt, appropriate; 9. to betake oneself, go; 10. to experience; to suffer, tolerate; 11. ge\niman grasp, comprehend; ge\niman take to wife; ge\niman sv/r4 to collect oneself; hé hine genam he collected himself; 12. in a metaphorical sense; frið ge\niman make peace; andan \niman to take umbrage, offence; bysne niman be/æt w.d. to take example by/from; casum \niman to take a case (of the government of verbs); eard \niman to take up one's abode; fréondrǽdenne \niman to take friendship; frið \niman wið to make peace with; geléafan \niman to believe; geþéodrǽdenne \niman wið to associate with; graman \niman to take offence, feel angry; láre \niman to accept teaching; lufe \niman tó to take an affection for; mód \niman to take courage; on \niman to take effect on; on gemynd \niman to bear in remembrance, recollect; on hæft \niman to take captive; sibbe \niman to make terms with; sige \niman to gain victory; tó gemæccan \niman to take to wife; tó suna \niman to adopt as a son; wæpna \niman to take up arms; ware \niman to take care; weg \niman to take, go one's way; wícstówa \niman to pitch a camp; se nimenda dǽl the participle

Old to modern English dictionary. 2013.

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